1. What is the EAC CET tariff band?

  • 0% for raw material and capital goods
  • 10% for intermediate products
  • 25% for finished products

2. Are there products which attract import duty rates higher than 25%?


Yes. The products in the sensitive items list : View Sensitive Item List


3.  What is the import duty for products imported from within the EAC Partner States?


Products imported from the EAC Partner States attract NO import duty, i.e 0%., provided the products meet the specific rules of origin. Refer : See Tarrif Section


4. Is there any exemption on import duties?

Yes, there are general exemptions as provided in the EAC Customs Management Act 5th Schedule


5. What is the duty rate of goods imported from the EAC or COMESA


Tariff on Imports from SADC and COMESA to EAC Partner States are subjected to tariffs as per EAC Partner States laws as provided for by EAC Customs Union Protocol Article 1.1.2.


6. What is the Customs Valuation Code?

The Customs Valuation code is provided in the EAC Customs Management Act (CMA) Section 122 and 4th Schedule of the EAC CMA . View the Customs Management Act


7. Where can I get more information about EAC Customs Valuation?

More information on Customs Valuation can be found in the EAC Customs Valuation Manual

8. Is there any EAC trade regime which cater for small cross border traders

Yes. For goods of a value of up to US$500 the EAC the traders are required to obtain a Simplified Certificate of Origin from the Customs Officials at the Border free of charge <provide link to EAC Legal Notice of 30 June 2006>. This certificate ensures that the products are not charged import duty at the border as they enter the destination country.


9. I have a question on tariff and customs which is not answered by this FAQ. Where do I get the answer?


If you have a question on tariff and customs not in this FAQ please send your question to infocustoms@eachq.org for response.